Isle Abbotts Web Subscription


Getting to see the information from the village notice board can be a problem for villagers who do not live in the village centre. The village website is primarily designed to be an Internet based village notice board. As with most village notice boards things don't change on a daily basis, so checking the web site to see what's new can be a bit of chore.

The purpose of the Email service is to keep you informed. The service will send an email to you when there is a change on the website. The email will contain links to those pages which been changed. Additionally the webmaster will from time to time send out information which may be of interest to you relating to the village.

Click on this link to create an email to send to the webmaster.

Please include your name and post code in the email so that we can validate eligibility. (The email will be stored as an audit trail for GDPR to confirm your consent to be part of the email list.

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